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Concise, relevant prayer requests for NCW Young Life.
January 26
Prayer is the Work of Young Life : January 2017

Hi Friends,

I want to suggest a way to keep the needs of kids and Young Life in front of your mind and as, if you will, a call to prayer.  For the rest of January, when you pass a school, or a school bus, allow that to remind you to lift up to the Lord one or more of the following requests:

  • Pray for teachers and particularly teachers who are following Jesus that they will be encouraged and empowered as they fulfill the high calling of their profession.
  • Many kids are making decisions about going to camp this summer.  Pray that many will decide to sign up to go to Malibu or Washington Family Ranch.
  • Pray for Campaigner Groups that are meeting, that kids will grow in their faith as followers of Jesus.
  • Pray for YoungLives, the YL outreach to teen moms.
  • Pray for Elyse Krueger our Administrator and her important role in the ministry.

I hope that as you travel around the Wenatchee Valley, in Waterville or in the towns surrounding Lake Roosevelt that the school buildings you pass or the buses you see will be a gentle reminder to pray.

Thanks for caring and praying for kids and leaders,

Charlie & Brenda​ Atkinson
January 05
YL Prays : January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!  We are a full five days into 2017 and the work of ministry in Young Life is moving ahead full steam.  Prayer is foundational to all that we do in Young Life.  As a part of the prayer team you play a vital role in lifting up kids and leaders to the Father.  

Perhaps you’ve wondered about the process for gathering prayer requests for our emails. It is quite simple.  A text is sent out to leaders and staff and then we disseminate the information to you.  Sometimes we do some editing, always intent to capture the heart of the request.  This time however, we will let the leaders words speak directly to you.  I think in each case, their passion for kids meeting Jesus and following Him is very evident.  

  • Yes, really breaking through with a neat kid. He recently gave his life to Christ at the last club and wants to go to camp Mitch Walls / WyldLife
  • We could use prayer for the discipleship weekend this Friday to Sunday. We pray that God will reveal himself in new ways to our students and us leaders too, and that our sense of community will deepen.  Michael Lasater / Wenatchee High School and Eastmont High School
  • Younglife is going well. We had some kids total their car before Christmas break. We have been praying for them, and their healing. We are praying that God is using the accident to grab a hold of their hearts, and bring them to him. Jeremiah Seekins / Lake Roosevelt Hight School

This month we have also added a couple requests from our Prayer Calendar.
  • Pray for our Capernaum ministry to kids with special needs.  Pray for current leaders to be filled with energy and wisdom.  Pray for additional leaders.

Thanks for partnering with leaders and staff to introduce kids to Jesus.  Blessings in the New Year!

Charlie and Brenda Atkinson​
December 19
YL Prays : December 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

It is a very cold and yet beautiful day here in the Wenatchee Valley.  We wanted to pass along a few prayer items.  Blessings on you and your family and thanks for continuing to pray for Young Life during this Christmas season.

  • Looking for more funding and wisdom for camp fund raising.  Jeremiah Seekins / Lake Roosevelt
  • Praising God that I'm seeing kids that had no exposure to God really show an interest in learning more about Him. Julie Garcia / Wenatchee WyldLife
  • That kids would continue to step into relationship with Christ after hearing and being followed-up with by their Leaders. Kyle Eberth / Wenatchee Young Life​
  • For the opportunity for the staff, leaders and volunteers to have extra time with their family during the Christmas season.

     Merry Christmas!

    Charlie and Brenda Atkinson
October 12
YL Prays : October 12th

​Hi Friends,

We have some prayer requests from leaders - some are right on the horizon (this weekend) so we are sending these out for your immediate attention.  Thanks for praying.

Eastmont/Wenatchee High School Combined Club:
This weekend, Wendy Little and Michael Lasater are taking student leaders to a Discipleship Camp at Washington Family Ranch.  Please pray for safe travels, and drawing closer to Christ and with each other. / Wendy Little
Club is off to a great start.  Pray that kids would meet Christ this semester at club! / Kyle Eberth
Club kid Lacee’s grandmother died recently.  Please pray for the family. / Wendy Little

Pray for more leaders, more students and wisdom on the best way to reach these students. /  Ashleigh Flint

WyldLife some praises! We have some new leaders that have joined our team and lots of new kids coming on club nights. Our prayer would be that we can effectively minister to these kids! / Annette Anderson   
We still could use some more women leaders. / Bill Dooley
It is the end of volleyball season so please pray I can leave a lasting impression on these girls so they can see Jesus's love through me and carry that with them. /  Julie Garcia

Lake Roosevelt High School:
Club starts in November.  Please pray for a good start. / Jeremiah Seekins

We are still needing a child care coordinator, mentors and a mentor coordinator.  Pray for volunteers to sign up at The Taste of Wenatchee event.  /Jill Moomaw

Taste of Wenatchee:
Pray for a great turnout and responsive hearts to the mission of Young Life. / Kevin Kennedy
Kids who are speaking:  Angel and Jazmeen - for calm spirits and clear communication. / Mike Grande & Bill Dooley

Thanks again for your partnership in this important part of the ministry.

Brenda & Charlie Atkinson

September 30
YL Day of Prayer : 3 Things

Join us in praying for your local Young Life!

  • Ministry Kickoff : High School, Middle School, YoungLives, Capernaum and a YL College group have all started gathering kids in the name of Fun, Relationship, and Christ.  Please pray that new kids are invited by their peers, that they laugh, smile, feel the welcoming love of leaders, and hear about God who breaks into their reality!  We've invited the skeptical to "Come and see for yourself." (John 1:46)

  • Leaders : God has raised up many new adult and student Leaders, please pray for them as they take initial steps into the lives of kids.  May they be encouraged, empowered and enlivened as they embody the mission and work of Christ!  We do ask for more Leaders; young and old, introverted and extroverted, willing and hesitant, to join our Teams and step into the purpose God will leverage thru them. 

  • Taste of Wenatchee : Our annual Fall Fundraiser is coming up on Monday October 17th, 6pm at the Numerica PAC.  Please pray for the invitation process, that guests would say "Yes" and attend, that they would be encouraged by God's movement thru YL, and would become financial partners with the ministry.  Please, pray also for our student presenters as they prepare, even now, to share their stories.  Register at TasteOfWenatchee.com

September 27
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